Wikileaks.Org Leaks Truth

Wikileaks.Org is creating concern among American officials because for the first time the truth concerning what passes for “secret” in the American government may well become what finally passes for the truth becoming known to the American people. We inhabit a world in which government collects “data” about our daily lives, it snoops into our messages, it labels individuals without benefit of a hearing or trial and can ruin the lives of thousands due to these unknown unseen agents of secrecy. allows Bradley Manning to place over 260,000 documents in the public arena so that every American can finally know what their government discusses and plans behind their backs. A few months ago a “secret” piece of data which vividly shows an American helicopter gunning down innocent people in Baghdad three years ago was shown. Naturally, “the government” insists this film should not be shown due to “national security.” Of course, the dead people have no right to “individual security” since they must die in the name of “protecting America.”

It is time for the whole truth and nothing but the truth to become known to all Americans and the world. To claim “national security” in order to cover up murder betrays the very foundation of the American nation. Let’s give Americans access to these so called “classified documents” in order that American citizens can decide what should remain secret.