Wild Man Of Iran Continues Rhetoric Of Defiance

President Ahmadinejad of Iran is always guaranteed to issue one of his polemics of defiance if the situation in any respect becomes slightly calmer in regard to possible conflict with Western powers. There are numerous similarities between Bush and Ahmadinejad. Both enjoy the rhetoric of issuing defiant statements, both speak in grandiose words how their nation will triumph over evil doers and both seek to come across as macho men leading their nations. President Ahmadinejad issued his latest broadside of defiance by boasting neither Israel nor the United States has the courage to attack his nation. “Not only the United States and Israel, but a hundred others like them cannot attack Iran and they know it themselves.” He said Bush was a fraud and has “many satanic and inhuman wishes including confrontation with Iran” but none will ever be accomplished.

A tragedy for the Middle East is the lack of leadership on the part of Iran and the United States at a time when the region needs such people at the helm of power. A leader of Iran who had vision and a desire for peace would have helped to attain such goals in a region that cries out for peace.