Wild West Comes To Czech Republic

They dress in western outfits that were common in the 19th century America that is known as the wild west. The men and women have holsters on which six guns are ready to be fired, and their cowboy hats are worn in a manner revealing the cowboy and cowgirl nature of the enterprise. It is the Cowboy Action Shooting group which has caught on with a segment of the Czech Republic public that is fascinated with stories of the old west in America. The weekend event is party re-enactment of a shooting event and part wearing clothes from another time and place. Each person goes through a sequence of firing their revolver or Winchester at a set of targets and scores are added up to discover who was Marshall Earp this weekend. Josef Minhula, a truck driver says, “I’m very happy to be in this group. I like the romance and the atmosphere.”

Europeans have long enjoyed a fascination with the American West and the novels of German author Carl May were extensively popular in the early 1900s. I wonder if these enthusiasts would enjoy a walk on the wild side of some urban shoot-outs in modern America.