Wilileaks Reveals US Lying To Sweden

Wikileaks, for the most part, reveals mundane stories and information supplied by diplomats in the field. A high percent of what the media cites as controversial was known by anyone following world events. However, there is now documentation that America lied to its allies while in the process of sending captured insurgents to get a dose of old fashioned torture in some nice Muslim nation. The Swedish government in 2006 became suspicious of American planes that had landed at the Stockholm airport. Members of the Swedish secret service dressed as airport employees and boarded the planes where they discovered prisoners on board. After several protests, the US in 2006 finally halted this illegal activity. Of course, to Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld, there was nothing wrong with a little tortured, particularly if it occurred in some distant land and was not done by Americans.

This blog believes President Obama in his desire to avoid “divisiveness” has denied the American people the truth about wars in Afghanistan and Irfaq. When will he understand that Republicans lack any sense of morality?