Will Affordable Health Care Be Cared For?

It is now months since the initial uncovered Americans finally gained access to health care as a result of the Affordable Care Act. The state of Kentucky has a Democratic governor who launched among the most successful state efforts to ensure that those without now had health insurance. Latest figures indicate over 400,000 people in Kentucky are covered by the new law. Even as this coverage became available to his constituents, Senator Mitch McConnell was promising that if Republicans gained control of Congress they would end the Affordable Care Act. Senator McConnell was recently asked what would happen to the 400,000 Kentuckians who just received health insurance. He responded the issue of an Affordable Care Act and the act of ending this law were “unconnected.”

We can only assume that in ending health insurance for Kentuckians, Senator McConnell was going to ensure they retained health insurance. This way of thinking is consistent with a man who believes one can cut taxes while reducing the deficit. I gather this means if you have less money to pay your bills, then you have more money to spend…

The one thing Kentuckians can not afford is to have Mitch as their senator for next year!