Will Aung San Suu Kyi Get Freedom?

The mysterious world of politics in Myanmar makes for difficulty in ascertaining what exactly is happening in a nation that is completely controlled by a gang of generals who pay scant attention to anything outside their realm of power. Min Lwin, a director-general in the foreign ministry, shocked the media by announcing, “there is a plan to release her now… so she can organize her party” for the upcoming elections in 2010. Pro-democracy activists caution about reading too much into the statement since over the years they have been misled on more than a dozen occasions. Is the statement a response to a recent visit by an American diplomat? Is the statement another strategy of confusing the opposition? Frnakly, no one knows.

We can only hope that some leaders of Myanmar are ready to enter into the world of global life and politics.. Better to have hope than none at all.