Will Awakening Councils Awake To Iraq Nightmare?

The Shiite led government of Iraq has assumed control over the Sunni led Awakening Councils and is transferring members of the Councils into the regular armed force of the nation. It is estimated about 100,000 Sunnis who belong to the Sons of Iraq or Awakening Councils will soon find themselves under control of Shiites. The Iraq government has pledged to respect the Sunnis and integrate them into the army, police or help them find jobs. However, most Sunnis do not trust anything told them by the Maliki government. Saalah al-Ageidi, a member of the Awakening Council, expressed the feelings of many when he declared: “I consider the transfer an act of betrayal by the U.S. Army. I think the government will start to target me and may people after the transfer.”

On the other hand, some Sunnis look forward to being part of an Iraqi army and ending their relationship with Americans. Ali Abdul Jabar, said he preferred taking orders from fellow Iraqis rather then “take orders from the occupation army.” The key aspect ingredient that will determine success or failure of the transfer lies with the ability of the Shiite Iraq government to respect the integrity of Sunnis. If they fail to obtain their loyalty, terrorism may well assume with ferocity.