Will France Allow Turkey Into European Union?

The issue of whether or not Muslim Turkey will be admitted into the European Union will most probably be determined by the attitude of France since President Sarkozy is against allowing a nation containing large numbers of Muslims to enter a European organization. Pierre Leilouche a leading French politician has been a vigorous supporter of Turkey’s entry into the EU but Sarkozy bought him out by offering the position of France’s new minister to Europe. According to Leilouche, “there is one government policy, there are not two, and it is the government’s policy that I will carry out.”

Turkey represents to Europe an opportunity and a serious problem. The problem is will the European Union be fundamentally altered by the presence of a nation whose population is mainly Muslim? There is no question the presence of Turkey will provide Muslims will a strong supporter for policies that foster Muslim ideas. On the other hand, if Turkey can be integrated within the European Union it raises the possibility of melding historic European ideals of democracy and religious freedom within a Muslim context.