Will Gays Receive Gay News In Court?

Among the mysteries of my life is why advocates of marriage become so infuriated when two men or two women seek to become united in marriage. Two gay couples are in court in an attempt to over turn the recent California referendum which made illegal gay marriage in the state. Ironically, their lawyers, David Boiles and Theodore Olsen were opponents in the case about Florida’s vote in 2000, but they have become partners in the fight to establish gay rights to marriage. This will be the first case heard in a federal court about gay marriage and it will be heard by Judge Vaughn Walker who was appointed by that flaming liberal and supporter of traditional marriage, George Bush, senior.

Oh well, it will take a few scant weeks before Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck somehow uncover the fact that Judge Walker was really a liberal who tricked George Bush into appointing him to the federal court. Or, they will uncover evidence that Judge Walker is a secret gay who cleverly disguised his true beliefs in order to gain a federal judgeship.

This blog stands behind and in front of the institution of marriage. We hope two men or two women or a man and a woman or transvestites or anyone else has the right to get married. This is from an individual who has been married three times. God Bless Marriage for one and for all!