Will Gaza War Doom Two State Solution?

Nabil Maaruf, the Palestinian ambassador to Turkey, believes the Gaza invasion may well have doomed chances to create two nations in Palestine by making Hamas even stronger and more attractive to the Palestinian population. “The war is threatening the peace process launched by the international community to achieve a two-state solution in the Middle East.” Maaruf argued the Gaza invasion was not a war against Hamas, but it was designed to anger the entire Palestinian nation and make impossible any hope for a two-state solution. “The division is affecting the regional hopes and dreams of Palestinians living in Gaza. They are changing the rules of the game. I do not think they will finish Hamas. what Israel aims to do is against the Palestinian cause and dream.”

The end result of the Gaza invasion will be to make Hamas MORE POWERFUL and result in weakening the power of President Abbas who has been cooperating with Israel in pursuit of a two nation solution. Both Israel and Hamas share the ability to shoot themselves in the foot in order to avoid reaching a compromise solution to the current conflict. Unfortunately, Israel lacks a leader with vision for peace.