Will Iraq Witness A New Surge Of Violence?

President Bush boasts of the success of a surge which witnessed introduction of thousands of additional American forces and the resulting decline in violence. Even as Bush was pleased with the surge results, another surge was occurring in northwest Iraq, and it was being led by forces who operate in the mountains of Kurdistan. The Turkish government is upset at recent events in which one of their outposts was attacked by forces of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party(PKK) which resulted in the death of seventeen of its soldiers. Turkish planes have been bombing areas of northern Iraq. but there are demands in the Turkish parliament for a massive invasion of Kurdistan to wipe out the rebels.

Turkish military leaders are concerned the attack on their soldiers involved Kurdish rebels who possessed heavy military equipment that previously had not been seen in combat. Turkish generals are not pleased at the lack of support from the Iraq government or from the semi-autonomous Kurdistan government. Invading Kurdistan is now a political hot potato and is being used by opponents of the Erdogan led government.

Will war become more widespread in northern Iraq even as it is reduced in other areas of the country?