Will Israel And Palestinians Ever Agree?

Today is Friday and John Kerry is either in Egypt or Israel in search of some type of compromise from people whose entire existence is dedicated to the proposition that sticking to one’s guns is a mandate found in their holy books of wisdom. Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu is convinced that them Arab folk simply cannot be trusted as one can trust a Jew. In the 1960s, Israel leaders offered to evacuate the West Bank if only they could find someone willing to cooperate in their efforts for peace. I gather that the Jewish God up in the sky agreed it was OK for Jews to leave the West Bank during the 1960s, but some new Jewish God appeared in the sky who remembered that area was something that he had given to his people–along with persecution and Holocausts and so on. If you wanted to be one of his children, then the cost was to suffer.

However, the good news was that we Jews became a miliary power then we had the right to persecute and oppress those Palestinians. After all, fair is fair. As for those Palestinians, it is perfectly OK for Egyptians or Lebanese or Syrians to refuse treating Palestinian refugees with respect and care and love, but them Jews must accept their return. Yes, Palestinians were driven from Palestine in 1948. Of course, 600,000 Jews were driven from Arab lands during the same time period.