Will Israel Be That Important To US In 2009?

Yoel Marcus, writing in Haaretz raises the question as to whether after all the political posturing among Democrats and Republicans during the election, will Israel really be high on the agenda of any new American president in 2009. Israel always has placed high on the list of issues that American presidents are concerned with handling as exemplified by the fiasco of the famous Annapolis Conference called by George Bush. “What a lot of hot air that turned ou to be” and although Condi Rice flies around the Middle East there is scant evidence any of her trips have resulted in anything other than giving her a large number of frequent flyer miles.

Marcus bluntly says Israel will be lower on the list of important American needs given the current financial crisis and need to deal with major problems in Afghanistan. The Haaretz writer believes given those realities it is up to Israel to assume responsibility for solving its own conflicts and not simply rely upon an American intervention. “What we don’t do, nobody is going to do for us. We must get ready for a year without America.”

The real question is whether new prime minister Tzipi Livni can form a coalition with Ehud Barak and work together to achieve peace with the Palestinian Authority. Right wing fanatics like Benjamin Netanyahu are waiting in the wings and their obtaining power dooms any real chance for peace.

  • http://potpolitics.com John Sullivan

    No and it shouldn’t be the only reason is because of the overwhelming influence of American Jews.
    If they are so worried about Israel they should move there and join the Army. Irish Americans sit by and watch how our government stand mute on England’s illegal occupation of a sovereign country Ireland. So why worry about Israel. She has enough resources to handle any wars she may get herself in. Now if another country just wants to attack her for no reason other then prejudice then we should defend her. But if she provokes people over land and stuff like that let her fight her own battles.
    Thanks Great blog