Will Israel Invade Gaza?

The politics of not accepting reality is pushing both Israel and Hamas into a possible armed conflict that would ruin any hope of peace in the Palestinian-Israel conflict for years to come. During the past two days, over eighty rockets from Gaza have hit targets in Israel and it is only a matter of time before these rockets begin to result in large scale damage and death to Israelis. Israeli General Gabi Ashkenazi warned Hamas of possible consequences to their refusal to halt rocket attacks. “The reality can not be allowed to continue and we will need to use our full force to hit the terrorist infrastructure and create a new reality around the Gaza Strip.” Prime Minister Olmert appealed to the people of Gaza to halt the march to war, but it is doubtful if his words touched the chords of reality inside the minds of Hamas leaders.

Hamas boasted it was prepared to witness the death of its entire leadership but would not back down from firing rockets into Israel. Foreign Minister Livni has appealed to the Egyptian government to intervene for peace but the Egyptians are tired of being trapped in the middle with both sides blaming it for problems. The nightmare scenario is an Israel invasion, the death of hundreds, the martyrdom of Hamas leaders and the en, for now, of any hope for peace.

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