Will Israel Leaders Rejoin Planet Earth?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spent the past year listening to the voices of his neo-conservative friends at Commentary who believed Barack Obama was wounded and that people such as Sarah Palin and the Tea Party spoke for the American people. Bibi ignored pleas from President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to pursue the road of peace with Palestinian leaders. Bibi appointed incompetent people to his Cabinet such as Avigdor Lieberman and pursued the path to building settlements in order to please right wing religious zealots in Israel. He spent scant time examining American military issues in the Middle East that cried out for peace with Palestinians in order to strip militants of a rallying cry among Muslim masses. Netanyahu never realized when it comes down to protecting American military members, ALL Americans, including American Jews, will take a stand for peace.

Haaretz in an editorial urged the people of Israel to carefully examine an American plan for peace with Palestine. “The possibility that the United States will propose a plan of its own and seek to convince the sides to accept it, or even impose it, is not the worst of all possibilities.” Step one if for Netanyahu to reach out to Tzipi Livni and the Labor Party in order to form a “coalition for peace.”

President Obama reportedly is suggesting a four month freeze on housing in East Jerusalem which offers an excellent starting point for negotiations that might work. It might also be interesting for Israel to ask Turkey to mediate in negotiations with Syria. These are steps for peace, steps that Sarah Palin and Tea Party nuts never will because these shrill voices are only concerned with spreading hate and have no interest in peace for Israel.