Will John McCain Live Out Eight Years?

The American people currently are dealing with a major crisis caused by the financial debacle that has left ruin in its wake for millions. But, an even greater disaster not merely for America but the world awaits if what actuary analysts estimate about the life expectancy of John McCain. An Atlanta actuarial company that specializes in estimating life and health expectancy has run the numbers on McCain and Obama and the results should frighten anyone who even is considering voting for McCain. The firm estimates McCain has a life expectancy of 8.4 years but there is a one in four chance he will not live to serve out a second term if he is elected this year.

The prospect of Sarah Palin, the illiterate and intellectual moron, becoming president is frightening for the entire world since she has absolutely no understanding of foreign, let alone domestic policy. Can America gamble on a one in four shot? McCain may currently be in good health, but he did have cancer and that is always a danger that returns to many people. Democrats should be publishing this information in TV ads.