Will Merry England Be A Wee Bit Smaller?

Once upon a time there was a nation which called itself, the United Kingdom. We assume this meant the united kingdom of England and Scotland, but there appears to be some folk up north who have designs on rewriting the landscape of their kingdom. Alex Salmond, leader of the Scottish National Party became the first head of a political party in Scotland which had an absolute majority in the Scottish parliament. On Wednesday, Scottish parliamentarians took their oath of office in English, Gaelic, Doric, Italian, and Urdu which reflects changes in those now living the good life in the highlands up north. The question is whether Salmond will now pursue his party’s dream of an independent Scotland or whether he will be satisfied with being the power in parliament, but not the leader of an independent nation.

Unfortunately, for Salmond, most polls show fewer than one-third of Scottish folk want to be part of an independent nation. However, with the threat of secession always on the table, we assume Salmond will be fishing for new rights for his folk.