Will Obama Halt Missile System In Poland?

George Bush has done more to create problems with Russia than any other world leader. He insisted on constructing anti-missile bases in Poland despite offers from Russia to cooperate and have them constructed on their land. Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher on a visit to the Czech Republic indicated Obama might not go ahead with the proposed bases. “I am unwilling,” she said, “to dig holes in Poland and fill them up with untested rockers.” The economic crisis now impacting the United States might also be a factor in delaying such bases.

There is no rational reason to build anti-missile bases in Poland despite Bush claims it would prevent “rogue nations” from attacking Europe. Obviously, he referred to Iran and North Korea. There is no reason why Iran would attack Europe knowing full well it would result in the destruction of its nation. It is clear Bush envisioned Russia as the “rogue nation.” There is no reason why Russia would attack Europe.