Will Putin Punt Or Pass?

Each day another confusing episode arises in the nation of UKraine. Ukrainian soldiers just forced their way into control of Lugansk airport that had been held by pro-Russian forces who dream of becoming part of a new nation. A plane load of 40 Ukraine paratroopers was blasted out of the sky by hand held missiles fired by the pro-Russian group that so desires to become leaders of the new nation of Lugansk. UKraine President Porosheko demanded that President Putin quit sending weapons and soldiers into his country. At least three Russian tanks crossed the border and entered Ukraine territory.

President Putin has to make a decision. He can continue playing these silly games which allow a handful of thugs to pretend they actually can run a government or Putin can pass on this opportunity for cooperation with European nations. The end result of gamesmanship is sanctionship. The end result is a blow to the Russian stock market, a blow to the Russian economy. We believe it is time to punt and allow the other side to take the offensive.