Will Sergei Ivanov Be Next Russian President?

Mystery continues to surround Putin’s choice to succeed him as the next president of Russia. His party, United Russia, will undoubtedly win a majority in the upcoming Parliamentary elections so there is scant doubt Putin continues to dominate Russia’s political scene. Ivanov and Putin were students together and both served in the KGB, Russia’s secret police. They enjoy a particular close relationship which might persuade Putin to make his friend the next president. Ivanov as First Deputy Prime Minister has undertaken many tasks and met leaders of the world, he has a particularly good relationship with Condi Rice.

In the murky world or Russian politics, one vote counts — that of President Putin. He most probably wants the next president to be a close ally and will undoubtedly expect to control things behind the scene. Of course, Boris Yeltsin who appointed Putin also expected to control things from behind the curtain. Once in power, the next president will soon call the shots and Putin will lose the power he so craves to possess. The more important issue which never will come into play is what is best for Russia? What type of leader meets the needs of the country at this point in its history? I doubt if anyone will consider these questions, loyalty is the main issue for Putin.