Will Tea Party Ideas Destroy Middle East Peace??

In 2001, President Khatami of Iran reached out to assist American forces which were sweeping through Afghanistan in order to destroy the Taliban. He also approached President George Bush with offers of negotiating resolution of problems with the United States. Bush responded with insults and that ended an opportunity to avoid Iran’s march to nuclear development. Today, as Iranian President Hassan Rouhani seeks to end conflict with the United States, the nut cases in Congress like Senator Ted Cruz seek to prevent an American-Iranian peaceful resolution of conflict. Some hawks in Congress are ready to pass legislation authorizing use of military force against Iran just as Iran is working for peaceful relations with the United States. There are members of Congress who regard any peaceful working with Iran as an example of a “bad deal.”

The crazies are ready to destroy the American economy and the nut cases are ready to prevent the end of any Iranian nuclear weapon development. They want to “hang tough.” Perhaps, someone can explain why the president has to “sell peace?” America increasingly has become a nation run by men and women who lack any knowledge of economics, and certainly no knowledge of foreign policy.