Will The Real Barack Obama Stand UP?

It increasingly appears Barack Obama has decided to capture the Rush Limbaugh vote by supporting policies of the discredited George Bush. Obama ran on a campaign which promised to close Guanatanamo prison and end military trials, but he has now decided to continue military trials with the proviso there would be changes in procedures such as barring statements obtained under harsh interrogation and making it more difficult to use hearsay evidence. This comes a few days after going back on his promise to allow photographs of torture to be released to the public.

Barack Obama did NOT get elected by Rush Limbaugh super patriots, but he received the support of Americans who wanted new policies that respected the basic liberties and due process procedures of this society. Most of the men in Guantanamo were captured EIGHT YEARS AGO! How can they offer a defense eight years after their “crimes” were committed? Any judge in America would throw out an indictment in which the prosecutor kept the defendant in jail for eight years before deciding to proceed with the trial.

Evidence is already tainted. Sorry, Mr. President, as a constitutional lawyer, you understand that eight years after the alleged crime the mental condition of the defendant is different, access to evidence has been compromised, and the prospect of a fair trial is impossible. Mr. President, we expected more than what you are displaying in the issue of torture and respect for judicial process.