Will US Pressure Israel Over Peace?

There is growing concern in the Israel Defense Ministry that Barack Obama might threaten to reduce aid for military concerns in Israel unless its government was prepared to be serious about working for peace in the Middle East. A senior official in that ministry told the Jerusalem Post, “(George) Mitchell is a known opponent of teh outposts and the settlements. The Americans might try to use the military aid as a way of pressuring the new (Israel) government into dismantling and freezing construction in settlements.” Some members of the Israel government do not believe Obama would ever say there was a reduction caused by the West Bank settlements but he might cite America’s economic situation.

The tragedy of modern Israel is a failure in leadership. The electorate splitting into small parties has made it virtually impossible for those in the middle to govern with any degree of authority. Israel’s current problems stem from relying on the “wisdom” of George Bush rather than working with moderate Palestinians.