Will Zuma Zoom In On Zimbabwe Violence?

Zimbabwe is ruled by a kleptomaniac who uses the armed forces and the police to brutalize those who oppose his rule. South African President Jacob Zuma is on a visit to Zimbabwe and the world awaits evidence he will reverse policies of his predecessor who refused to exert pressure on President Mugabe to halt his violence and brutality. Spokesman for Zuma insist “President Zuma will be more vocal in terms of what we see as deviant behavior.” Deviant behavior in Zimbabwe refers to beating, torturing, and imprisoning opposition political leaders and placing incompetents in positions of power such as overseeing an economy.

A few weeks ago, a delegation of South African businesspeople visited Zimbabwe and came away with serious concerns about doing business in a nation which thinks nothing of seizing property in the name of “ending colonialism.” Unfortunately, those who get the property are the henchmen of Mugabe including military and police leaders.

Will Zuma finally become an African leader who stands up for the rights of ordinary Africans?