Wind Down, Wind UP!

it is relatively easy for political leaders in Washington D.C. to utter remarks about winding down military operations in Iraq while at the same time dispatching 30,000 troops to Afghanistan. There is need to identify which pieces of equipment go where, will the same equipment which has worked in Iraq also be serviceable in Afghanistan and how does one coordinate the entire process. There are questions as to whether some vehicles which are able to function in the deserts of Iraq will fit needs of the geography of Afghanistan. Of course, the entire process lacks concern for the emotional and physical needs of those who are heading for Afghanistan instead of heading home.

There is still doubt as to whether troops from Iraq head for Afghanistan or whether they are drawn from others areas of the world. Of course, the major doubt is whether the entire process can be effectively coordinated.

  • Bar and Nightclub Enthusiast

    I always wonder, what do people seem to think will be the end of the war… Is it when the terrorists surrender, when they catch whichever leader is flavor of the month… I wish the powers that be would say “once we have achieved xxxxxx the war is over…

  • Bar and Nightclub Enthusiast

    Sorry an the terrorists surrending was intended to be a joke, somehow I dont think they are willing to give up just quite yet