Winds Of Change Miss Arab League

Winds of change are roaring through the Middle East as country after country witnesses hundreds of thousands in the streets demanding democracy. Syrian President Bashar Assad has ordered the murder of about 1,500 people, as well as beatings of thousands others, many of whom now rot in jail. President Obama and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton denounced the Assad government for killing Muslims, and stated that Assad has lost the legitimacy of being ruler of the nation. This comment angered the Arab League. Its head, Nabal Elaraby, who one must assume reads newspapers, insists, “Syria has entered a new era and is now moving on he road to genuine reform.” Huh? He went one to say, no one has the right to tell an elected president that he has lost support of the people. “The issue is decided by the people!”
Is this man living on planet Earth?? Assad is killing Syrians by the hundreds. He is throwing thousands into prisons. When was there ever a free election which allowed Syrians to express ANY opinion?? This is one more example of failure on the part of Muslim leaders to defend their own people. Now, if a Danish cartoonist published a cartoon……..