Winds Of Change Reach Syria

The surge of protest against Middle Eastern dictators finally reached Syria which has been ruled by thugs for over thirty years. President Bashar Assad took over from dad several years ago, and after promising to open up the country to democracy, became simply a junior version of his old man. Demonstrations in the city of Daraa have been met with gunfire. Thousands of people took to the streets shouting for “freedom” only to encounter troops with rifles who fired upon those without weapons. An anonymous man contacted the western media and said; “It was a very difficult bloody day. There is a curfew in Daraa and when ever troops see four or five people gathering, they open fire. Daraa today is like a ghost town, we are very, very sacared.

Naturally, the government is able to explain the situation. When in doubt in a Muslim nation, just cite the Israel secret police, the Mossad.