Winds Of Change Sweep Over Middle East

Members of the Arab League have been accustomed to regard the world outside of Muslim societies as containing not merely those with foreign interests, but everything that is contradictory to the Muslim faith. It was with great reluctance in 1990 when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait that Arab leaders agreed to the support of the United States in driving him from that land. Saddam Hussein was regarded with dislike by most members of the Arab League and even Libya, which has been ruled by dictators finally agreed to his removal. In many ways, Muammar Gaddafi reminds all too many Arabs of Saddam and they are almost completely united against his regime. However, looming in the background of Arab leaders are the winds of change sweeping across their lands. After much hesitation, the Arab League finally agreed to solicit the aid of the United Nations in order to establish a no-fly zone over the skies of Libya. Protests by ordinary people is now too great to be ignored and attention must be paid to those who want an end to dictatorial rule.

After initially claiming it would be militarily difficult to establish such a zone, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates agreed it would not overwhelm the American armed forces to carry out such a mission. I guess Mission is now accomplished to perform.