Winds Of War In Syria

The winds of war in Syria are blowing thousands of people toward the Turkish border in order to escape their own countrymen who seek their deaths. At least five thousand have crossed the border and thousands more clamor to gain freedom from the murderers unleashed by President Bashar al-Assad against those who dare oppose his rule. In the city of Jisr al-Shughour which has been a major center of opposition, the streets are empty of people since only about 5,000 are left from the 45,000 who were there last week. Many buildings have been blown to bits by artillery and tank fire in retaliation for a mutiny which broke out in the city that was led by deserters from the armed forces. State controlled television claims a mass grave was found which contained the bodies of loyal soldiers who had been killed as well as tortured to death. TV commentators claim at least 120 loyal members of security units were killed by rebellious soldiers.

What can we believe about these stories of murder and mayhem carried out by opponents of Assad? The Syrian army has tanks, it has artillery, it has well armed men, and somehow these powerful forces have been overwhelmed by citizens of towns. An interesting hypothesis, and one that can readily be discarded. Most probably some soldiers refused to fire on civilians and this resulted in shooting within the armed forces.

The father of Bashar al-Assad once killed 10,000 civilians in his own country. Perhaps, the son wants to out shine dad?