Winnie Madikzela Mandela Offers Compromise Solution

Controversial African National Congress veteran, Winnie Madikizela Mandela suggested a compromise solution to resolve the current impasse between President Mbeki and Deputy President Jacob Zuma who are vying for leadership of the ANC. She decried the extensive name-calling and growing bitterness between the two men which she believed would be destructive of the African National Congress as an institution. Her compromise proposal included:
1. Both men would retain their present positions of leadership of the ANC,
2. Jacob Zuma would receive ANC support in his bid for the presidency of South Africa.
3. “A solution would be found for the legal difficulties that confront the deputy president.”
4. A gender equity solution would be found to ensure equal rights for women in leadership.
5. Leadership of ANC would contain a diversity of viewpoints.

Ms. Mandela’s solution has several key points such as seeking equal rights for women, but one can not readily dismiss “legal difficulties” with a wave of the hand. If Jacob Zuma has legal difficulties they are best resolved in a court of law, not through manipulation of the legal system.