Wise Russia Offers Advice To US

It is rather  unfortunate that former President George Bush and his two clowns,Cheney/Rumsfeld, never contacted the Russian government for advice on fighting a war in Afghanistan. The Russians had over eight years fighting and losing  in that far away land. Eventually, they just packed up and left. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has decided to offer some souond words of wisdom to US and NATO forces. After all, this is the land which fought in Afghanistan and left with tail between legs.

“As long as Afghanistan is not able to secure by itself the security in the country,” said the Russian sage, “the artificial timelines of withdrawal are not correct and should not be set.” In reality, Russia wants a stable Afghanistan because it fears Muslim militants simply will move on to Muslim areas of Russia. “Please do not leave” is the Russian wail.

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    Do they still amass military strength along the China border?  Haven’t heard about that for decades, but India certainly got our recent  attention…