Wise Words From Chairwoman Sarah

Chairwoman Sarah, head of Nincompoops Anonymous, has once again spoken her wise words of wisdom to the world. She is upset at Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange. I understand that Chairwoman Sarah gazes outside her window and sees Russia, but I did not realize she can also see Europe. Sarah wants Assange designated as “an anit-American operative with blood on his hands.” She also wants to know “why haven’t NATO, the EU and anyone else been asked to disrupt Wikileaks, ..shouldn’t they be at least have their financial assets frozen?”

It is unclear if the Chairwoman wants NATO and EU financial assets frozen or those of Wikileaks. The Chairwoman apparently believes the US government can tell the European Union what to do. Oh, there are laws, and minor stuff like that, but when Chairwoman Sarah speaks, we believe ALL governments should do as she demands.

Congressman Peter King who will be a power in the new Republican led House of Representatives, wants Wikileaks designated as a “foreign terroirst organization.” Gee, I thought Republicans wanted to open up the government so we could know what was going on.