Witches Of Burundi

Over three hundred years ago, the witch hunt in Massachusetts uncovered a vast witch plot to ruin the lives of decent Christian folk. About fifty years ago, Senator Joseph McCarthy uncovered a Communist witch plot to destroy the souls of Americans. But, the persecution of Albinos in east Africa is no joke, it has resulted in dozens of deaths for those whose skin is light in a dark shaded continent. Finally, a court in Burundi convicted a gang of thugs who have been murdering albinos in Burundi and selling body parts. So far this year they have killed eleven and sold their bodies to witch doctors in Tanzania who desire albino body parts to make potions that guarantee success in love, life and business. Over 40 albinos have been killed in Tanzania.

The world can gaze in ridicule at the silliness of people who murder children in order to get their hearts of livers or whatever in order to attain success in love. The remainder of the world has its own witch doctors who go by the name of George Bush or Dick Cheney and whose goal is not to have any body parts still standing after their murders.

Oh, one man was sentenced to jail for life, and four others to terms from seven to fifteen years. Not bad for killing about a dozen albinos.