With Friends Like Dick Cheney…..

When former vice president Dick Cheney says you are doing something right isn’t it time to rethink what you are doing? After spending months denouncing Barack Obama as “weak on terrorism,” Dick had an epiphany and decided that President Obama was on the right track in Afghanistan. “I’m a complete supporter of what they are doing in Afghanistan. I think the President(the one who is weak on terrorism) made the right decision to send troops in.” Dick wanted the world to know, “I’m not a critic in terms of how they are dealing with this situation.” After all, George, Don, and Dick dicked around in Iraq for years before making any changes so why should he avoid supporting Obama for doing what Bush was doing.

Isn’t it wonderful to get rid of George Bush and have him replaced by George Bush light. Although, in honesty, he is George Bush, dark, when it comes to skin color. Oh, Dick wanted the world to also know the war in Iraq resulted in getting rid of “one of the worse dictators in the 20th century.”

Adolf Hitler
Benito Mussolini
Joseph Stalin
Pinochet in Chile
Argentine murdering military
Mao tse-tung
Generals in Burma,
and so on and so on.
I wonder where Saddam fits on this list?