With Friends Like Gates, Obama Left At Gate Of Doubt

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates wrote a memo to President Obama in January which supposedly was a “wake up call” to get a plan of action on how to handle Iran if economic and political sanctions did not work. For some reason, this memo was leaked to the press and now Republicans are up in arms at failure of the Obama administration to have an effective plan of action for Iran. Of course, Gates served under President Bush and no one recalls any memo from him as a “wake up call” for a plan to deal with Iran. Bush rejected several opportunities to work with reform groups in Iran and the present group of yahoos who are shouting for action never raised their voices when Bush fouled up the Middle East.

Of course, any nation needs a backup plan in case economic and political maneuvers do not work out as desired. A military option would, in the end, result in devastation throughout the region. There are times when it pays to proceed one step at a time.