With God Not On His Side

Despite political differences there is one thing that those of the Orthodox persuasion, whether Christian, Jewish or Muslim are in total agreement, those who do not believe can not be believed. Muslim Morocco blogger, Kacem El Ghazzali has aroused fear and anger because of his comments regarding religion. He began an anonymous blog on which he professed not to believe in God, but it did not take long for someone to find out his name–such is the modern world. Article 220 of  the penal code in Morocco makes it a crime if anyone employs incitement “to shake the faith of a Muslim or to convert him to another religion.”

Kacem daily receives  death threats and warnings of beatings unless he shuts up. As one person put it to him, “we can tolerate an atheist, but not an atheist activist.”  After living underground for a year, Kacem got a visa to Switzerland. Such is life in the democracy known as Morocco.