With God On My Side

It was my assumption that if one had found the “true God,” than nothing in the world could prevent them from becoming a happy and joyous individual. After all, if one has God on my side, what can anything or anyone in the world do to prevent me from experiencing peace and contentment. A pastor in the Protestant Church of Sweden spent last summer in quiet reflection and concluded that he had been in contact with the wrong God and Church. He discovered that Catholicism was really the place for his heart. The pastor informed the Protestant faction of God that he really wanted to belong to the Catholic faction of God. However, there was one small problem, he had to eat. So he asked for six months salary from the Protestants so he could spend his time with the Catholics.

It turned out that he wound up with about $45,000 from Protestants so he could spend more time with Catholics. During his reflection, the pastor realized “my decision meant that I risked being penniless.” I thought God handled the eating part of being a minister.