With God On My Side

For some reason, the Republican Party of the United  States of America has a plethora of candidates who possess some extraordinary connection with the Big Guy up in the sky. Several years ago a former Governor of the great state of Texas got on his knees and prayed to God who informed him of the necessity of wiping out Saddam Hussein and restoring God to the benighted people of Iraq. Thank God that another emissary from God is now seeking the Republican nomination for president of the United States.

Governor Rick Perry was instructed by God himself to place his name in the pool of men and women seeking the Republican nomination for the presidency. Of course, Michele Bachmann’s name is already in the mix. I wonder how God will now handle the daily demands of Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry for aid in their quest to become president. Rick already has insisted God provide rain to the state of Texas, and he wants God to wipe out those illegal immigrants  who seek to cross the border into the promised land of America.

Thank God the Muslim Barack Obama is not seeking aid and assistance from the Christian God who reigns on above. I assume Obama makes request from Allah, but from the Rick Perry view that is all to the good since no Allah can compete with the Christian God. With God on his side, Rick will move on to victory. First, he becomes president, and then American troops head for Tibet or Nepal or somewhere in order to bring the word of God to those people. Thank God for Rick Perry.