With Us Or Against US In Afghanistan?

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been meeting with Pakistan officials in order to discover the extent of their desire to work for peace rather than work with those who oppose it. She asked the Pakistan secret service agency, the ISI, to use their contacts with members of the Haqqani network in order to urge them to cease violence and work for peace. At this point, Pakistan’s ISI provides safe haven for those who attack US and NATO forces in Afghanistan.

Clinton made clear the US has “reached out to the Taliban, we have reached out to the Haqqani network to these their willingness and sincerity” for peace in Afghanistan. Naturally, Pakistan’s army insists they are cooperating. Unfortunately, they are cooperating with the Haqqani network and attacking Afghan soldiers. We will soon learn if Pakistan truly wants peace in Afghanistan or whether they want chaos so their proteges of violence can take over the nation.