Wither Afghanistan In 2014?

The American people are tired of wars, they are fatigued with wars far away in distant lands  containing people who differ from traditional immigrants to this nation. President Obama recently signed an agreement with President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan which entails departure of American armed forces from that land by 2014. Small contingents of  trainers will remain for years. The agreement appears to solve a problem –or does it? In reality, the agreement creates problems for the people of Afghanistan.

Currently, about 98% of the GDP of Afghanistan derives from outside economic and military assistance. US aid alone the past year was $15.7 billion. This means thousands of jobs are connected to foreign aid or military forces. Once American troops leave they also leave with jobs and money and leave behind        women groups that lack financial support to continue aiding females.

Yes, we leave behind a small group of wealthy Afghans, but the vast majority need our financial support. American political leaders are cutting government expenditures, and if they cut Afghan support, we can witness the return to power of the Taliban.