Wither Afghanistan, Wither President Karzai?

Within a few months the war in Afghanistan will have lasted longer than American participation in both World War I and World War II. Every so often since the Bush initiated invasion of Afghanistan, there is a calling together of this or that group of “experts” to “review” what is going on and new steps that should be taken. The media dutifully reports the “review” and for several days there are stories and pictures and video clips until the entire issue of Afghanistan slips under the radar screen of what the media deems of importance. Richard Holbrooke has just concluded a visit to Pakistan and Afghanistan which included discussions and a few photo ops. President Karzai of Afghanistan was pleased that someone from the Obama administration finally got around to talking with him and said he was, “very, very thankful that President Obama has accepted the proposal of Afghanistan joining a strategic review of the war against terrorism.”

There will be meetings in Washington and many photos and video clips shown about the visiting president of Afghanistan who will shake hands with Obama and pledge to fight for “democracy.” The problem is that Karzai and his cronies are crooks who smile and then go home to continue their inept ruling of the nation. Until Karzai and the incompetents leave office, nothing will change in Afghanistan.

I look forward to the next “review” of the war against “terrorism” which will take place in June of this year.