Wither America Demographically?

The nation we call, the United States of America was founded by those of the Christian Protestant faith. Until 1800, about 96% of Americans were either Protestant and about 3% were Catholic, and there were a few thousand Jews. Of course, slaves represented about 15% of the population. The initial demographic change occurred during the period 1830-1870 when large numbers of Irish Catholics and German immigrants arrived. Later in the second half of the 19th century came those from Sweden and Finland and Denmark. However, the next great change occurred between 1880-1924 when over 20,000,000 immigrants arrived from eastern Europe, and Italy. Included within this group were about 3,000,000 Jews. By 1914, one out of four people in America was either born in another land or the child of an immigrant.

Of course, there were always slaves(freed in the 1860s) and those of Spanish heritage who lived in the southwest and California. Two years ago, a majority of people in California were no longer of European heritage and now the latest figure is that 39% of California inhabitants are of Mexican heritage. Those of white European heritage are now the minority. There are now large numbers of people from Asian background along with African Americans.

By the year 2050, those who trace their ancestry to Europe will become the minority in the United States of America. If the Republican party does not change its attitude it will vanish in the dustbin of history. Demographics, in the end, decide the fate of nations.