Wither Burma Is Question?

There is always a moment when a society which has been ruled by authoritian leaders makes its initial step towards greater democracy. Military leaders of Burma have made initial steps, but now are undecided regarding next steps. Burma’s famous opposition leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, has hit the campaign trail with full force in hope of having her National League for Democracy capture open seats in parliament and send a message that the people of Burma want to proceed with the process of democracy.

The NLD is entering 40 candidates to  seek the 40 open seats in Parliament. Of course, military officers control 25% of Parliament seats and can block any changes to the country’s  constitution. There is no question Burmese leader, General Thein  Sein differs fundamentally from previous generals in having a desire for a more democratic  society. The question remains as to how far this translates into democratic elections and having opposition leaders gain numerous seats in Parliament. There is a new  game and new rules. Are all sides clear as to the new rules?