Wither Christianity In Egypt?

Coptic Christians constitute about 10% of the population of Egypt. Actually, their ancestors were in Egypt hundreds of years before the arrival of the Muslim religion. The military dictatorship, which began under General Nasser in the 1950s, always made it a point to curtail power of clerics, particularly in any efforts to attack the minority Christian population. President Mubarak is gone, and now “forces of democracy” are unleashed to attack and demonize Coptics in their nation. A Coptic demonstration last week about constant attacks on people and their churches resulted in Egyptian armed forces driving vehicles right into the crowd cause the death of nearly two dozen.

There is footage of soldiers not only driving their cars into a Coptic crowd, but also firing weapons at defenseless people. Last May attacks on Coptics resulted in the death of a dozen, but no one was punished. The new military seeks to gain support of Muslim clerics in order to stifle the arrival of a truly democratic society. It is clear Coptics are caught in the middle.

We wonder if people who welcomed an “Arab Spring” believe it must also include a Christian spring?