Wither Egypt?

During the past two years Egypt has moved from a nation under the authority of a dictator who did not want  Islamist to have power to a society whose leaders are Islamists who seek to impose their brand of the Muslim religion upon all Muslims and Coptic Christians as well. Salafi Islamists seek to create a society in which imams and clerics decide the lives and behavior of individuals. Of course, Egypt depends upon a large tourist trade in order to provide jobs and money for the government. A typical tourist from Europe wants to dress as he/she desires, wander beaches clad in skimpy bathing suits and at night sip alcoholic drinks. If these delights are not present, Egypt can kiss goodbye its tourist trade.

So, how does the regime of President Morsi handle this contradiction? Do they allow Salafi Muslims to impose Sharia law -no alcohol, no bikini, women baring all– or do they prefer a stagnant economy? The modern dilemma for Egypt.