Wither Egyptian Liberals?

The people of Egypt are holding an election today, supposedly the first honest opportunity for individuals to vote in an election that has the semblance of meaning. Liberal secular Egyptians have played an important role in organizing demonstrations that  drove former President Hosni Mubarak from power, and they have continued to exert pressure on the ruling military leaders to cease deciding the future of their country. But, there is also confusion as to whether liberals today should be running for public office or should even vote.

The results of today’s elections will witness a large number of seats going to members of the Muslim Brotherhood and quite a few to the former political party of Mubarark. Liberals will not capture many seats and thus will have less power in writing a new constitution. Coptic Christians are trapped in a dilemma since giving power to the Muslim Brotherhood means less religious rights for ten percent of the population.

Ironically, while liberals were in the streets fighting against military leaders the Muslim Brotherhood was working to get their followers to the polls. One can only wonder if the next demonstration is against the Muslim Brotherhood. One can only wonder if that group would hesitate to fire at will against opponents?