Wither English Politics?

Nick Clegg, leader of Liberal Democrats has an interesting poker hand to play. He can join with Conservatives and ensure a new government has a solid majority in Parliament and, hopefully, receive a promise to hold a referendum that might result in some form of proportional representation in elections for Parliament or he can take a shot with the Labor party. Cameron hopes offering a referendum on whether the people of Great Britain prefer changing the concept of “winner takes all” will result in Clegg leaning in his direction. Many members of the Liberal Democratic party are concerned that joining with the Labor Party would result in unstable government that might shortly collapse.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has offered to resign in September if Clegg’s party agrees to an alliance with Labor. Perhaps, if he sweetened the pot by offering Clegg a chance to become prime minister in September Liberal Democrats might jump at the opportunity. However, it is doubtful if members of Labor would agree to any such offer.

Wither Nick Clegg is the question of today?