Wither France?

France currently has a Socialist president and hope for a new approach to dealign with austerity and deficits and work. “Hopefully,” that is although evidence is scant that President Hollande has a grasp at to how to move France economically forward. In the meantime, the party of former President Sarkozy is attempting to figure out what to do in France. A former prime minister Francois Fillon and a former secretary general of the Union for Movement Populaire(UMP), Jean-Francois Cope are vying for leadership and a return to power of their party.

They had a vote as to who would become the party’s leader. Fillon claimed he won by 93 votes while Cope insists he won  by 1,000. As an American, I am an expert when it comes to votes and who wins. Just remember that George Bush won a disputed election in Florida and we got the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. I wonder who the winner in France will be and just exactly what he will do that is different from Hollande.

I suspect these days whoever gains power had to cut, reduce, and make life miserable for those lacking money. Of course, show me the money and any wealthy person can have whatever he desires, regardless of power.We all have become cynics about political parties.