Wither Haiti And The World?

According to the noted political analyst, Rush Limbaugh, providing aid to Haiti is simply a ploy by Barack Obama to secure names to add to his list of potential donors. I suspect Sarah Palin believes Haiti is somewhere to the north of Russia, and, Glenn Beck undoubtedly believes sending money to assist survivors in that nation is simply another strategy by the Obama administration to divert American resources away from helping Americans. Aside from these nut cases, there are important long term issues related to providing assistance for the people of Haiti. There are few nations in the world who have spent so much time under the supervision of the United States or other nations as they decide what is the best policy to ensure security for Haitians.

It is time to break the cycle of relief and aid. Haiti needs specific assistance that is designed to make certain Haitians will never again have to rely upon foreign aid. Perhaps, the Marshall Plan model can be applied to Haiti.

1. The people of Haiti possess highly educated people in virtually all aspects of society. Allow them to develop a long term economic plan that restores farming as a productive part of the economy, and lays the foundation of industrial development.
2. Bring together all existing political parties and have them create a government consisting of technocrats, economists, and academics.
3. Retrain and economically support a police force for at least ten years.

Steps such as the above are needed to avoid the endless cycle of disaster and foreign aid.