Wither Iran-Reform Or Reaction?

Among the most important foreign policy decisions confronting newly elected Barack Obama will be developing lines of communication with the government of Iran. In 2001, then reform President Mohammed Khatami, cooperated with the Bush administration in its invasion of Afghanistan only to be rewarded with insults and anger which most probably helped lead to the election of Ahmadinejad. Khatami informed reform groups in Iran that either he or Mir-Hossein Mousavi would run as candidates for the presidency this year. “I will tell the reformists and those who may not belong to the reformist(camp) but would like to see a change in the current situation, and with respect for all who have announced or will announce their candidacies that, God willing, (either I) or Mr. Mousavi will be the reform candidate.”

A reform leader in Iran would greatly assist Obama to create the basis of a genuine dialogue for peace in the Middle East. It will also be necessary for Obama to reign in hotheads in Israel who are bent are creating another crisis with talk of attacking Iran.